Sword Art Online Announcement Coming May 21st

Voice Actress Rina Hidaka will be present for a serious SAO Announcement

Fans of the smash series Sword Art Online should hold onto their seats because something is coming in the next few days. According to a report published on Dengeki Online, a “serious” announcement will be hitting the news wires on May 21st (Japan time) after it is revealed at a Sword Art Online event. No word on what the announcement will be as of yet but since the official stream is listing the game Sword Art Online: Integral Factor as the subject we can assume that it will have something to do with that. No one knows for certain except the creators and they are keeping their mouths shut. What we do know for certain is the event will feature special guest Rina Hidaka (the voice of Silica from the TV series and movie).

Fans of the series can check out a live stream of the event on YouTube (stream embedded below) and be the first to find out just how “serious” this announcement will be. I know that I’m pumped up for this and I hope that you are too!


Image via Dengeki Online

Author: LB Bryant

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  1. Oh look their gonna announce yet another sequel to interrupt my anime schedule… *sigh* time to rework my lists. Thanks for the Update!

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