Viz Media Publishes First Chapter of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku Online

What do you do with a man who wants to die, but can’t? Send him to…Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku!

As seen above, Viz Media announced via Twitter this week that they have published the first 67 page chapter of the manga Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku on their official website for free. The manga, which is created by author Yuuji Kaku, was first published in Japan on January 22nd. The first volume was published on April 4th and the second volume will hit store shelves in Japan on June 4th.

Rated “Mature” (and for very good reason!), the story follows a former ninja named Gabimaru who has given up his life of violence. However, due to his breaking of the village laws he is sentenced to death. Unfortunately for the executioner, Gabimaru is able to survive multiple attempts at ending his life which includes beheading and being burned at the stake. The man who was assigned to kill him, Sagiri Asaemon, gives him a mission instead; to find the elixir of immortality so that he can gain his acquittal.

Hell’s Paradise: Chapter 1

Seriously folks, do not read this manga in public or in front of anyone who is sensitive to violence because they will not appreciate it.

Author: LB Bryant

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