Anime Cental 2018: Viz Media Announces License of Accel World Movie and OVAs

Accel World: Infinite Burst Key Visual

At their panel held today at Anime Central, Viz Media announced that they have licensed the Accel World: Infinite Burst movie along with the Reverberation and Vacation OVAs. All will have a special screening this summer at Anime Expo in Los Angeles before getting a home video release this fall.

Starting with the big one of the lot, Infinite Burst was first released in Japan on July 23rd, 2016 and features Masakazu Obara as director and a script by original creator Reki Kawahara. The movie will be dubbed into English with most of the main cast members returning to reprise their roles though at least one smaller role has been recast.


The entire cast list for the movie reads as follows:

Kuroyukihime – Kira Buckland
Haruyuki Arita – Erik Scott Kilmerer
Takumu Mayuzumi – Lucien Dodge
Chiyuri Kurashima – Stephanie Sheh
Fuko Kurasaki – Johanna Luis
Akira Himi – Trinity Lee
Utai Shinomiya – Xanthe Huynh
Niko – Sarah Anne Williams
Pard – Erika Harlacher
Ash Roller – Ben Diskin
Green Grandee – Jay Allen White
Viridian Decurion – Vic Mignogna
Iron Pound – Austin Lee Matthews
Lignum Vitae – Jessica Straus
Suntan Schaefer – Faye Mata
Blue Knight – Kaiji Tang
Purple Thorn – Jessica Straus
Yellow Radio – Vic Mignogna
Lemon Pierrette – Faye Mata
Risa Tsukiori – Kayli Mills
Nyx – Cassandra Lee Morris
Metatron – Laura Post


For the two episode OVA, Anime-Planet describes the plots as follows:

The Black Legion members are enjoying a rare opportunity to relax – that is, everyone except for Kuroyukihime. Lately, the Black King has become more and more concerned with Haruyuki’s unexpected aloofness, and what’s worse, she and the gang soon discover that someone in the school network is assaulting students’ online avatars and stealing their accessories. Can the Black Legion expose the troublemaker, and will Kuroyukihime be able to resolve her relationship with Haruyuki?

Then, with the help of his friends, Haruyuki must find a way to drop some weight fast or be forced to take the school health improvement program – which means losing his chance to participate in important Accel World territory battles. On Sky Raker’s proposal, everyone goes to a special mixed-gender hot spring to help him get healthier, but Kuroyukihime begins to feel uneasy towards Haruyuki getting slimmer…

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