Numazu City Installs Love Live! Sunshine!! Manhole Covers

Otaku visiting Numazu

Earlier this year, the city of Numazu (located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture) launched a crowdfunding campaign to create some kind of material to promote the hugely successful Love Live! Sunshine!! series that is based in their city and were able to raise over 33 million yen.

Finally, after months of waiting and anticipation, the results have been installed in their fair city… Love Live! manhole covers!

As seen below, the city has installed nine custom manhole covers throughout the city and otaku have flocked to the streets in order to snap photos of the marvels. Check them out!

No word on if these are going to be permanent fixtures in the city or if they are just temporarily being installed but either way, good job to Numazu for coming up with a creative way to promote their city and a hit anime all in one fell swoop.

Love Live! Sunshine!! is a spinoff of the original Love Live! series. The spinoff multimedia project originally launched in 2015 before getting two seasons of anime produced by Sunrise. The first season, aired in the summer of 2016 while the second season aired in the fall of 2017. The series will also be getting an anime movie at an as of yet unknown later time.

Anime-Planet describes the plot as:

Nothing is more appealing than the bright, sparkling world of School Idols! The girls of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School are swept into idol fever, wanting nothing more than to become the next-best School Idol group. And they plan to do just that. Chika Takami brings together eight of her classmates to form Aqours, their own idol group. As long as they don’t give up, any dream can come true!

Images and story via News4vip

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