Prisma Illya Alarm App Gets English Version

Screenshot of some of the functions of the app

I admit it, I much prefer the dark, sometimes evil, and conniving Illya from the Fate/Stay Night universe rather than the happy, sparkling, shining Illya from Prisma Illya but with the massive popularity of this spinoff, it’s possible that I’m in the minority in that opinion. Just how popular is this spinoff? Popular enough to get its own alarm clock app that has now been translated into English!

Originally launched in Japan back in August, 2017 the app seems simple enough; you set your alarm and are woken up by the voice of the magical girl Illya (voiced by the anime voice actress Mai Kadowaki) who will give you encouraging words to start your day and all of the features that were in the original Japanese version have been ported over to the English version.

This is more than just an alarm clock though. Sure, you can customize it with all sorts of different wallpapers (all of which were drawn by the staff at studio Silver Link) but did you know that you can also set it to sleep with you? Yes, with a simple push of a button (and an extra purchase on top of the original fee) you can hear various sounds including Illya counting sheep, singing lullabies, or even just breathing. The possibilities are truly endless with this.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this app, however, is the stamp program. Every time you get up at the time that you actually set, you earn a stamp. Earn five stamps and you’ll receive a brand new illustration that can be set as an alarm or wallpaper.

Already available via the app store or Google Play, the app has climbed the charts and is already ranked first in Canada, second in the United States, and seventh in Mexico.

If you’re not already familiar with Prisma Illya, the character is based off an original character from Type-Moon’s Fate universe. Already very popular in the original series, in 2013 she received her own spinoff series which is where this app came from. Anime-Planet describes the plot of the first season as:

Illya loves magical girls; but more than anything, she loves her brother and wishes he would pay more attention to her. So when a talking magical wand appears, offering her a chance to make her dreams a reality, it seems too good to be true and she hesitates. But unfortunately, her touch was the only consent needed, and now Illya is stuck as a magical girl! On the bright side, she has all the powers that go with the job – like magic beams, shields, and incredible cuteness! But her path to love is a dangerous one, as she must now capture powerful and magical items known as Class Cards while keeping them out of the hands of rival magical girls before her wish will be granted.

So what are you waiting for? Go download it today and be woken up by your favorite magical girl as soon as tomorrow!

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