Crunchyroll Adds Four Films and Four Series to Catalog

The Lodoss War crew are now on Crunchyroll!

Crunchyroll had quite the busy day today!

In total, Crunchyroll added nine titles to their catalog today including a documentary about Studio Ghibli titled The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness!

In the movie department, they added four movies from GKIDS: Mind Game, A Letter to Momo, Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW, and Patema Inverted.

Mind Game was animated by Studio 4C and originally premiered in Japan in August 2004 and has gone on to receive critical and fan acclaim. When a Kickstarter was launched in 2017 to bring the title out on Blu-ray it reached its goal in one day eventually bringing in over £30,000 from 731 backers.

Anime-Planet describes the story as:

Nishi has been in love with Myon since he was 9 years old. They both had feelings for each other, but due to Nishi’s cowardice, their relationship never became more than friendship. Now, in the present, Nishi is 20 years old and aims to be a great manga artist; but he still loves Myon. After years of being apart, they meet again, but she tells him that she’s thinking of marrying her boyfriend. Nishi is still a coward so he accepts it and wishes her luck. While they’re talking at her older sister’s restaurant a pair of yakuza walk in looking for their father. One of the yakuza starts harassing Myon and out of anger Nishi chooses to finally take a stand — but he is shot and dies. Now, in limbo, he chooses to live again; but will he really live any differently than before?

A Letter to Momo was produced by Production I.G premiered in September 2011 and went on to win multiple awards from festivals around the globe. Anime-Planet describes the story as:

Following the death of her father, who left her a letter that never got beyond a greeting, Momo struggles to come to terms with her grief and guilt, and finds herself distanced from her mother. When the two move to a new home on a remote island in the Japanese Inland Sea, Momo befriends a young boy and his perceptive younger sister, a timid postman, and three rascally goblins. With their help, Momo prepares to take the plunge into her new life on the island.

Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW is interesting in that it actually premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2010 before its official Japanese release which occurred in June 2010. Produced by A-1 Pictures, Anime-Planet describes this one as:

When Noriko, Amane and their friends left for a week-long summer camp experience in the countryside, they had no idea that they were about to embark on a galactic adventure! After helping a wounded, dog-like alien, the creature offers to take them to a spaceport on the moon where fantastical beings, flashy sights and new friends await them. Together, the gang will travel between worlds, dodge nefarious poachers and even encounter the most famous television show in the galaxy, as they embark on the best summer vacation of their lives!

The final movie to be added today was one that I actually saw in Seattle a few years ago and quite enjoyed, Patema Inverted. Produced by Purple Cow Studio Japan and released in 2013, Anime-Planet describes the story as:

Princess Patema lives in an underground world,? but one day tumbles headlong into a void and out into the wide open world above the surface.? Age is a student on this surface world when he spies Patema hanging upside-down from a tree.? He pulls her down to safety,? struggling to keep her earthbound.? Together they master the art of navigating competing gravitational forces and set out to discover the secret that keeps their worlds apart.?

In the TV department, Crunchyroll added four different Funimation series to their site this afternoon: Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, Shonen Maid, and Hyou-ka.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled is interesting in that it is a five episode OVA series that was released over a period of three years. The first OVA was released in January 2013 and the final OVA was released in February 2016. Anime-Planet describes the story as:

The side story takes place in 2017 a.t.b., around the time Lelouch took on the alter-ego “Zero” and built up his “Black Knights” rebellion army. The setting is in Europe, where the Euro Universe (E.U.) allied nations are being invaded by the overwhelming forces of the Holy Britannian Empire. On the verge of defeat, the E.U. army forms a special division known as “W-O?, of which a young pilot named Akito Hyuuga is a member. Layla Malkal, a former Britannian Aristocrat comes to the E.U.’s aid, commanding the “Wyvern” Knightmare corps comprised of Japanese teenagers. They recklessly plunge into a battlefield, where the survival rate is extremely low, at about 5% only. They fight for their freedom, and for a “home” to which they can return.

Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is the classic series of the bunch and features one of the all-time greatest opening theme songs ever created. Yes, I said it… who wants to fight me? Produced by AIC and released in 1998, Anime-Planet describes the story as:

As the island of Lodoss braces against a new assault by the Marmo and their new allies, the fate of the land falls into the hands of Spark, an inexperienced young knight. As aging legends Ashram, Kashew, Parn and Deedlit begin to fade, a new generation of heroes will have to arise to keep Lodoss from being torn apart by conflict.

Jumping back into the more recent past, we come to Shonen Maid which is a series that I have totally watched multiple times. Produced by 8-Bit and released in the Spring of 2016, Anime-Planet describes the story as:

After the loss of his mother, Chihiro is left alone. With no known family left, he has to find a way to move on. Things aren’t looking good until a chance encounter with the young and handsome Madoka—who turns out to be his wealthy uncle! Madoka offers him his home and all Chihiro has to do is clean up after the messy, irresponsible man. The problem? This job requires a uniform—a maid outfit!

Which brings us to the final series added today, Hyou-ka. One of the more popular series from Kyoto Animation which still managed to fall under a lot of people’s radars due to it going unlicensed for such a long time, this series first premiered in spring 2012. Anime-Planet describes the story as:

“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I do have to do it, make it quick,” is the basic principle by which energy conservationist Houtarou Oreki lives. But after his sister convinces him to join the Classics Club, Houtarou’s life is turned upside down when he meets Chitanda, a perpetually-inquisitive girl who challenges the boy’s easygoing existence. Intrigued by the slightest hint of a mystery afoot, Chitanda doesn’t hesitate to pester the reluctant yet highly analytical Houtarou into satisfying her curiosity at every turn, no matter how small the problem. Alongside fellow members Satoshi and Ibara, the group tackles cases ranging from a self-locking classroom door, a strangely-popular library book, and even the shadowy history of the very club to which they belong!

Author: LB Bryant

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