MyAnimeList Users Being Forced to Change Password

The warning message greetings MAL users this morning

If you use the services of the popular website, MyAnimeList, you’re going to want to pay attention to what I have to say. While browsing through the news wires this morning, I came across this thread on Reddit. Then I came across this one.

Apparently, users had been forcibly logged out of their accounts and when they tried to log back in, they were greeted with a message that forced them to change their passwords with a warning that they should change it again from the settings page after they log in with their new randomized password.

In addition to this, MyAnimeList has disabled their API. This means that if you use a third-party program such as Taiga or AniList, you won’t be able to reach your account.

The full text of the warning reads:

The MyAnimeList Team is working to address a vulnerability in the API, which has been made temporarily unavailable while the team works on this issue. Out of an abundance of caution, your MyAnimeList (“MAL”) account has been locked and you must reset your password to access it.

Please undertake the following actions to recover your MAL account:

Step 1: Request a new password from this link: Recover your account

Step 2: After logging in, you MUST change your password from the account Settings page.

*This notice to reset your password only applies to passwords for the MAL website. It does NOT apply to passwords used to log into MAL through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, and does not affect your ability to log into your MAL account through these social media platforms.

**As security experts generally recommend, you should not use passwords you have used before on the MAL site or any other sites, mobile applications, or other services.

***By entering your MAL username and/or password into services other than the official MyAnimeList website or applications provided by MAL, you are running the risk that the information could be used by the developers of those services. When using any third party service, always consider that you provide your information at your own risk.

How to Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our Customer Service team (rather than the MAL moderation team). We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

It’s unclear at the moment on if this is a full-on breach or if MyAnimeList has been compromised by someone or something but it’s a good idea to head over there and change your password as soon as possible in order to protect yourself.

Author: LB Bryant

L.B. has been writing about anime professionally since August 2005. With credits that range all the way from Anime Herald to Viewster, he has seen and done it all. His favorite series include Assassination Classroom, Princess Nine, Sword Art Online, and many others. Currently he lives in the Seattle area with his many cats and his very understanding and supportive wife.

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