Promotional Videos Released for Planet With and The Thousand Noble Musketeers

Still from Planet With Promotional Video

With the summer season fast approaching, I have a pair of promotional videos to share with you today that I think you’re really going to enjoy.

First up, we have a new promotional video for the upcoming series Planet With. Premiering on July 8th at 10:30 pm Japan time, the new fifteen-second promotional video reveals the previously mentioned premiere date as well as allowing viewers to check out some of the opening theme song “One Unit” by singer Minami.

The series is an original creation by studio J.C. Staff and manga creator Satoshi Mizukami (Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer). The cast and crew for the series include (character names first):

Souya Kuroi – Atsushi Abe
Nozomi Takamagahara – Sayaka Harada
Ginko Kuroi – Shiori Izawa
Kogane Shiraishi – Saori Goto
Hideo Torai – Yuichiro Umehara
Miwa Inabe – Hitomi Ohwada
Harumi Kumashiro – Mai Fuchigami
Seigi Nezuya – Shinsuke Sugawara
Kureha Takatori – Shizuka Ishigami
Yousuke Hitsujitani – Kazuyuki Okitsu

Director – Youhei Suzuki
Animation Production – J.C. Staff
Series Composition – Satoshi Mizukami
Character Designs – Kazunori Iwakura
Mechanical Designs – Yoshitsune Izuna and Yasuyoshi Uetsu
Music – Kouhei Tanaka

Unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about the story so far which is a shame but unavoidable.

Next up we have a new promotional video for the upcoming summer series, The Thousand Nobel Musketeers. Originally announced back in March, this series is an adaptation of the popular Marvelous produced smartphone game in Japan which features a ton of bishounen wielding old-timey rifles. Lasting 71 seconds, the new promotional video now only shows off tons of character animation but it also reveals several new cast members.

Marvelous describes the story as:

The story takes place in the subsequent era after the whole world was devastated by the nuclear war. Under the strong rule by the World Empire, people are all suppressed and deprived of their own lives. A resistance team secretly keeps fighting to break the suppression while everyone is forbidden to possess any force of arms.

The team challenges the fight with the “antique guns” that were left as works of art, and the incarnations of those antique guns are called “Musketeers” appear and join the team as if they responded to the soul of the team.

In their battles with the incarnations of contemporary guns who represent and are dispatched from the Empire, the “Musketeers” turn their “Absolute Noble” mode to give a powerful boost to themselves, and bring hope to the world!

The new cast members revealed are (character names first):

Nicola and Noel – Ayumu Murase
Ieyasu – Yuichiro Umehara
Hidetada – Souma Saitou
Yukimura – Yoshiki Nakajima
Dreyse – Takuya Satou
Chassepot – Takuya Eguchi
Tabatiere – Hiroki Takahashi
Lorenz – Koutarou Nishiyama

They join the already announced cast members of:

Brown Bess – Taku Yashiro
Charleville – Shinnosuke Tachibana
Springfield – Shouta Aoi
Kentucky – Yuuki Kaji
Napoleon – Daisuke Namikawa
Rapp – Wataru Hatano

The crew for this series reads as follows:

Animation Production – TMS Entertainment
Director – Kenichi Kasai
Series Supervisor – Takashi Aoshima
Character Designs – Majiro
Music – Hiroshi Takaki

The game also has a manga adaptation which launched in the June issue of Young Age magazine drawn by Miki Daichi.

Via Comic Natalie, Dengeki Online

Author: LB Bryant

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