Negima Gets Stage Play Adaptation This Summer

Rika Ikoma to star as Negima

Negima is kind of a weird show when you think about it. It’s a harem series with a ten-year-old protagonist who must fend off the romantic advances of thirty or so junior high school girls because he’s their teacher (and also a wizard). I remember showing it to a friend that I used to live with and she balked at the very notion that these girls were fawning all over him. Now… imagine how this story is going to translate into a stage play because that’s exactly where it’s headed next.

In an announcement made this morning, it was revealed that the manga series Negima would be getting a stage play with the former Nogizaka46 idol (she literally just graduated from the group on May 6th) Rika Ikoma playing the title role.

There aren’t a lot more details at this time. We do know that the play will be performed at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from July 12th to July 16th but other than that, details are pretty slim.

Negima started as a manga from Ken Akamatsu in 2003 before spawning a number of anime adaptations starting in January 2005. The manga series lasted for a full 38 volumes which were released in the US from 2004 to 2013 by Kodansha. The series ended in Japan in March 2012 but returned for a one shot in 2017.

Kodansha describes the story as:

Follow the adventures of Negi Springfield, a fresh magic academy graduate, as he starts his new job as a teacher at an all-girls high school. Can he balance his teaching duties while pursuing his dream to become a great wizard like his father?

This is another series that I could never get into for various reasons. I have zero problems with the story of this series, nor am I adverse to anything else that Ken Akamatsu has done (Love Hina for example). I just couldn’t really get into this series and it ended up wasting away to nothingness on my incredibly long ‘Plan to Watch’ list.

Still, I look forward to hearing more about this adaptation as details are released because I enjoy sharing them with you which is probably the most important thing here. So long as you all are happy, I’m happy which is a pretty sweet trade in my opinion. Stay tuned to this website for more details as they are released to the public! My guess is that we’ll see some costume images at some point in the near future.

Via Esteru, AnimeAnime

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