Discotek Licenses Wild 7: Another TV Series

Wild 7 TV Series headed to US shores!

Another Discotek license was sneakily announced on Facebook a couple of days ago that managed to slip under my radar until now.

In the social media post, Discotek announced that they have licensed the series Wild 7: Another (known in Japan as Wild 7: Swirling Canal) with a street date of July 31st, 2018.

Originally a manga title from Mikiya Mochizuki which ran from September 1969 to July 1979, this series has had some history over the last few decades. After launching a few sequel manga, the title eventually got a two-episode anime OVA in 1994 before graduating up to television (which is the title that was licensed by Discotek) in April 2002.

The series was produced by E&G Films and broadcast on AT-X (which means you know that there was probably some interesting content contained within it). The crew for the series included Sumio Watanabe as director and Satoru Nishizono handling series composition.

Discotek describes the story as:

When the Ancient Militia, a group of heavily armed terrorists, takes over the cruise ship Double Sea, a counterstrike team is put together behind the scenes to save the hostages, all VIPs from the international business world. The team leader is Japo, an amnesiac former mercenary with a heroic yet tragic past. He tracks down six other highly talented misfits from academia, law enforcement, and Hell Island, a mercenary training community. As these members of the newly-formed Team Wild train and clash with each other, the terrorists release a deadly plague on the ship and execute passengers whose companies fail to please. They also have a penchant for setting off explosives on board, which hints at a deeper motive. Eventually, skullduggery gives way to all-out action as the Wild 7 storm the Double Sea on motorcycles in a desperate bid to save the hostages before the ship goes down with everyone on board.

So there you have it classic anime fans. Another title saved from obscurity by Discotek who I’m sure is more than happy to accept your appreciation in the form of cash or debit cards. Seriously, Discotek is one of the good guys who is genuinely doing something great for the anime community at large by letting these gems from the past get a new lease on life with newer generations of fans. If you ever feel like spending money on physical releases, you can do worse things with your money than spend it on a Discotek release.

Author: LB Bryant

L.B. has been writing about anime professionally since August 2005. With credits that range all the way from Anime Herald to Viewster, he has seen and done it all. His favorite series include Assassination Classroom, Princess Nine, Sword Art Online, and many others. Currently he lives in the Seattle area with his many cats and his very understanding and supportive wife.

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