Feel The Wind Novel, Demon Slayer Manga Both Get TV Anime

Feel The Wind is coming this October!

It’s a happy day in my world because we didn’t get ONE TV anime adaptation announcements this morning, we got TWO!

In the first announcement, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (Feel the Wind) was revealed to be getting a TV anime adaptation by Production I.G in October 2018. The announcement came with a ton of staff and cast announcements along with it so let’s dig right into things:

Animation Production – Production I.G
Director – Kazuya Nomura
Series Composition – Kouhei Kiyasu
Character Designs – Takahiro Chiba

And starring in the series will be Takeo Ohtsuka as Kakeru Kurahara and Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Haiji Kiyose.

Originally a novel written by Shiwon Miura, the story follows two college students who decide to run the Hakone Ekiden relay race with eight others (some of whom have never even run before) and form a bond over the joy of running and racing. The novel also inspired a 2009 movie which debuted at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Sadly, it seems that neither the novel or the movie were ever licensed for release in North America.

Now, for those of you who are wondering just how dramatic a relay race could be. This is not a race for the weak at heart. Officially called the Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race, this is a relay race that covers over 200 km over a period of two days. On day 1 (which takes place every year on January 2nd), the runners have to race from Outemachi to Hakone which spans over 108 km which is followed by a return trip which spans over 109 km. This is going to be a grueling series to watch for all the right reasons.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Announcement

On the other side of the coin, we come to our second announcement of the day which is for a Shonen Jump series which I believe just had its big June 4th announcement blown.

It’s been revealed via magazine scans posted to the Japanese blogs this morning, that the Shonen Jump manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be getting a TV anime adaptation from famed studio ufotable.

Unfortunately, that’s all the magazine scan reveals at this time that I can confirm at least.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (with story and art by Koyoharu Gotouge) is a relatively young title being that it only launched a little over two years ago and only has nine volumes out as of this writing. Viz Media holds the license for the title and will be releasing it both physically and digitally starting on July 3rd, 2018.

Viz describes the story as:

Tanjiro sets out on the path of the Demon Slayer to save his sister and avenge his family!

In Taisho-era Japan, Tanjiro Kamado is a kindhearted boy who makes a living selling charcoal. But his peaceful life is shattered when a demon slaughters his entire family. His little sister Nezuko is the only survivor, but she has been transformed into a demon herself! Tanjiro sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life.

Learning to destroy demons won’t be easy, and Tanjiro barely knows where to start. The surprise appearance of another boy named Giyu, who seems to know what’s going on, might provide some answers—but only if Tanjiro can stop Giyu from killing his sister first!

Stay tuned for more details on both of these titles as they become available!

Via Anime.Eiga and Jin115

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